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    Hunan Xiangyi Laboratory Instrument Development Co., Ltd

    Hunan Xiangyi Laboratory Instrument Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing centrifuges and laboratory instruments. It has been specialized in producing centrifuges for more than 50 years. China's super high-speed freezing centrifuges (55000 R / min) and high-speed freezing centrifuges (20000 R / min) were born in Xiangyi.

    Xiangyi has passed the ISO9001: 2015 international quality system certification of SGS, ISO13485: 2016 medical device quality system certification and international CE product certification. After 15 years of effective operation, the quality system further ensures the stability and reliability of product quality.

    In the 1980s and 1990s of last century, Xiangyi cooperated with Tommy company of Japan and Beckman company of the United States, making the technical level of Xiangyi Centrifuge always at the international level. The 6 * 1000ml large capacity angular rotor and 6 * 2400ml super large capacity horizontal rotor produced by Xiangyi have passed the life test of the American authority in 2009, exceeding the life cycle of the American Standard. Xiangyi has become a world famous centrifuge manufacturer.

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    • 2016 carbon fiber, 8 × 1500ml large capacity horizontal rotor and 8 × The launch of 2000ml super capacity horizontal rotor marks that the performance of Xiangyi Centrifuge has reached the international level. With the improvement of centrifuge technology and industry popularity, while expanding domestic sales, we actively expand the international market. Our products have been exported to more than 100 countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, India, Mexico and Vietnam. In order to further meet the growing market demand, in 2016, a large amount of money was invested in the construction of a comprehensive building in Xiangyi Industrial Park, with an office area of 20000 square meters; The building is equipped with a special centrifuge test room, aging room, quiet test room, explosion laboratory, commissioning room and professional centrifuge assembly line. The annual production capacity is increased from 20000 sets to 80000 sets; All performance tests of the centrifuge can be completed in the company; It has jointly established a laboratory instrument research and development center with domestic famous universities, which has gathered senior R & D personnel of domestic laboratory instruments. Xiangyi has become the manufacturing base of laboratory instruments in China.

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